30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

If you’re working on a presentation, using a PowerPoint template is one of the best ways to get it done quickly with a professional appearance. But, as you probably know if you’ve ever created a slideshow, it’s important that the template you select includes the PowerPoint slide templates you need to get your message across.

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

Unfortunately, not every slide deck template available has the PPT slide templates you need. That’s why it’s important to choose templates for the slides of PowerPoint they offer. If you need a timeline, you want to be sure that the template you select has a PowerPoint Slide template of a timeline. If you need a map, the template should have a map. And so on.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at some of the most popular slide designs used in presentations. Then, I’ll show you some top-notch premium PowerPoint slide templates that offer plenty of options as well as some free slide templates for PowerPoint.

Popular PowerPoint Slide Templates

If you’re looking for PPT slide templates, you know how hard it can be to find the right slide design for your needs. Here are some popular types of PPT slide templates that most businesses can use:

  • Title
    slide design. An eye-catching title slide is a must for most presentations.
  • About
    us. This slide design briefly describes your business or organization.
  • Bio
    profile page. This slide, which often includes picture placeholders, highlights
    mini-bios for your company’s leadership.
  • Timeline.
    Timelines are popular because they provide an easy way to visualize dates.
  • Chart
    or diagram. Chart and diagram slide layouts allow you to present data in an
    engaging fashion.
  • Map.
    This type of PowerPoint slide template is especially useful when your presentation discusses
    globalization or corporate territories.
  • Infographic.
    Infographics go one step beyond charts and diagrams to present information in a
    visual format.
  • Mobile
    device mockup. With the popularity of mobile devices it’s no wonder that
    PowerPoint slides templates that feature a mobile device mockup are popular.

If you absolutely must find a specific slide design, the fastest way to do it by using a premium service such as ThemeKeeper Elements.

Not only does ThemeKeeper Elements give you unlimited access to hundreds of templates for PowerPoint slides, you also gain access to many other helpful design elements as well such as stock photos, WordPress themes, vector graphics and more. Your ThemeKeeper Elements subscription even gets you access to over 1,000 Tuts+ video courses.

Here’s a peak at just some of the PowerPoint slide templates you’ll find on ThemeKeeper Elements:

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

Next, let’s take a closer look at some of the best premium templates available on ThemeKeeper Elements and GraphicRiver.

Premium PowerPoint Slide Templates to Save You Time

You’ll save time by not having to design your own PPT slide designs with these top-notch professional PowerPoint slide templates. Each one is ready-to-go, just add your own information and images and you’re set.

Here are ten excellent premium slide templates for PowerPoint:

1. The Elegant

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

You’ll love the classic design of this clean template that makes it ideal for corporate use. The Elegant PowerPoint template features 1034 total slides (94 main slides) in 11 premade color schemes. The template includes an eye-catching Cover slide with an equally attractive About us slide. It also includes 16 photoshop mockups and six leather icons. Get started quickly with the included user’s manual.

2. Verzus Minimal PowerPoint Template

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

The Verzus template is to use with drag & drop ready slides. Choose from 350 unique slides. Here’s what our customers say about this one:

“Great slides, works well w. photos to tell a

just loving these slides! They took my output to a whole new level of
professionalism and creativity. The response to my questions was super-fast and
the follow up super friendly. Thank you for your creativity and service. Such
great value.”

3. Passion Presentation

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

The Passion Presentation template boasts a clean, modern design that’s perfectly suited to many different uses. There are over 120 different slide designs, including some of the popular designs for slides. You’ll find several bio profile page slide designs, a timeline slide design, mockup mobile phone slides, and much more! The template is based on a free font for ease of use.

4. Influencer PowerPoint Presentation Template

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

The Influencer PowerPoint Presentation Template is one of our top-rated popular templates. The sleek and professional looking design will help you make a positive impression. This PPT slide template comes with over 200 unique slides, including animations. You’ll also get over 500 ready-to-use vector icons. There’s even a clickable table of contents, making this a great option for online presentations.

5. Untouch

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

The Untouch template gives you plenty of PowerPoint Slide template options, including some of the slide types we mentioned above such as an infographic slide, a timeline slide template, an About us slide, and more. Also included:

  • Over 20 color themes
  • More
    than 3430 slides
  • Multiple
    aspect rations (16:9, 4:3, A4)
  • A
    help guide file
  • And
    much more!

6. Eureka – Minimal PowerPoint Template

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

Make a positive impact using the Eureka PowerPoint slide template. The template uses a clean, bold design to highlight your ideas and images. Showcase your team on the bio profile slide, use the timeline to plan you next project, or share your data visually using one of the many charts and diagrams. This PowerPoint template also fast and free support that’s available around the clock.

7. Inspirational

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

Use this template to run your next corporate meeting, make your next sales pitch, or for a personal or educational project. This PPT template with a modern style is super-easy to use. Work right in PowerPoint to drag and drop your images into the slide templates. It’s also based on system fonts, so there’s no need to download additional fonts. Choose between over 58 different slide designs.

8. Holds – Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation Template

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

If you like options, the Holds PPT template may be right for you. You’ll get most of the popular types of PowerPoint slide template designs we mentioned above. Plus, this easy-to-customize, top-notch PowerPoint slide template set also includes:

  • Over
    570 unique slides
  • 14
    different color themes
  • 25
    vector maps
  • 1000+
    vector icons
  • And
    much more!

 9. Enjoy PowerPoint

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

Here’s minimalist PowerPoint slide template that’s suitable for a wide variety of uses. The crisp, attractive design gives the presentation a professional feel. Choose between 100 different slides. The template also features animation and transition. This easy-to-use template design is based on free fonts. And you’ll get a help guide file to help you get started quickly and smoothly.

Massive X Presentation Template

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

The Massive X Presentation Template comes with over 300 unique slides and has more than 15 color variations. Customers love this fully animated PowerPoint template system and you will too. Here’s some of what our customers have to say:

“Great product, high quality very flexible”

all the animation and effects”

templates and moreover, great service !!!
Thanks a lot.
It was a very good deal!!!”

Free Slide Templates for PowerPoint

If you’re just staring your business or if you don’t have any kind of budget, you may be considering one of the free PowerPoint slide templates that are available.

Free templates can seem like a good deal and there are many free slide templates available for PowerPoint, but be aware that some free templates are limited in the number of slide designs they offer. Also, free slide templates for PowerPoint may not include any kind of support or help. If you run into trouble, you’ll be on your own.

Still, sometimes free is all you can afford. With that in mind, we’ve provided you with a list of useful PPT slide templates that are also free.

Sources for the best free PowerPoint slide templates downloads on this list include:

Note: The free Microsoft PowerPoint templates linked to here are hosted by their respective sites. Their availability depends on the hosting site. Also, some of these free templates require that you provide attribution for your presentation. Read the terms of use carefully.

Here’s a list of over twenty of the best free PowerPoint templates we could find:

1. Bassett Presentation Template. Here’s a free presentation template with 25 different slides including a customizable slide with an icon family. The customizable design is minimal and modern.

2. Sales Training Presentation. This PowerPoint template from Microsoft Office is designed specifically for training sales people, but it could be adapted for other needs as well.

3. Timeline Diagram for PowerPoint. Need a timeline PowerPoint slide template? Here’s a timeline slide available in a light or dark layout. It’s also based on free system fonts: Helvetica and Calibri.

4. Vector Money Icon Dollar Template. This template includes a cover slide with dollar signs on it. There are also two matching slide templates that are great for using to create the body of your presentation.

5. Carrot Shape PowerPoint Template. This PowerPoint template features an illustration of a carrot. This could work well for slideshows about gardening, cooking, or dieting.

6. Wart Presentation Template. This fully editable PowerPoint template features a design made up of triangles. You’ll get a total of 25 different slides with this free download.

7. Road Graphic Progression Timeline

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

One of the most popular slide designs that people look for is a timeline. This unique timeline slide uses the imagery of a road to convey the concept of progress along the timeline.

8. Doughnut Diagram with 8 Parts for PowerPoint. This circular infographic is roughly donut shape. There’s space for eight items. Choose between standard or widescreen slide design.

9. Vintage Typewriter on Wooden Table PowerPoint TemplatesHere’s a slide template with a vintage look and feel. You’ll get a cover slide design and two additional slide designs.

10. Brain PowerPoint Template for Problem Solving Presentations. This free slide template for PowerPoint features a donut-shaped pie chart super-imposed over the profile of a head.

11. Jaques Presentation Template

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

Here’s a very realistic slide design that actually looks like paper, photos, and post-it notes taped to wood. Choose between over 25 different slide designs.

12. Business Plan Presentation. This Microsoft PowerPoint slide template set was created for presenting a business plan. It includes matching slide designs for the body of the presentation as well.

13. Iceberg Diagram for PowerPoint. This eye-catching iceberg illustration could be a good way to introduce hidden problems. This template features completely editable shapes.

14. World Map on Hands. This unique slide template has a cover slide with a world map painted on a pair of hands. You’ll also get two templates for slides in the body of your presentation.

15. Puzzle Pieces PowerPoint Template

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

This free PowerPoint slide template design is based on puzzle pieces. You’ll get a red version and a blue version of a cover slide and a background slide.

16. Helicanus Presentation Template. There are 25 different slides in this free presentation template, including many popular slide designs such as maps, charts, and tables.

17. Snowscape Presentation. Here’s an attractive free PowerPoint slide template based on wintry background scenes. The template has 11 different slides including a chart and table.

18. 4-Part Table Diagram for PowerPoint. Use this useful four-part table to illustrate four different ideas, four plans, or even four different dates.

19. Notebook, Pen and Mobile Phone PowerPoint Templates. This modern PowerPoint template features versatile black and white backgrounds. You’ll get a cover slide and two background slides.

20. 3D Timeline Template for PowerPoint with Arrow. Here’s another free PowerPoint slide template with another take on a timeline. In this case, the timeline is depicted as a 3D arrow.

21. Business Project Plan Presentation

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

This widescreen Microsoft PowerPoint slide template is a professional-looking presentation template that includes 14 different useful slide designs, one of which is an org chart.

Learn More About Presentations

Now that you know where to find PowerPoint slide template downloads, free and premium, you’re on your way to creating an eye-catching slideshow that’ll set your presentation apart. Plus, don’t forget that you can use the right PowerPoint slides to help bolster your organization’s brand.

If you can afford it, you should consider using one of the professional Microsoft PowerPoint templates available for purchase on ThemeKeeper Elements and GraphicRiver to get the best presentation results. Otherwise, you can get one of the many PowerPoint templates free downloads that are available online.

Another way to improve your presentation is to learn more about how to make a good presentation. To do that, you can grab our new eBook: The CompleteGuide to Making Great Presentations. It’s available to download for Free with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter.

30+ Best PowerPoint Slide Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs)

The eBook will help walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully.


We’ve just reviewed some of the most popular slide designs used in presentations. We’ve also looked at how premium PowerPoint slide templates can help you create a better presentation. Finally, I’ve included a list of over 20 different free PowerPoint slide templates. Good luck with your presentation!