The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

If there’s a category of YouTube video that’s seen a consistent level of engagement over the last decade, it’s Makeup Tutorials.

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

And with Facebook getting even more serious about video, this genre, that’s simple and easy to create for, may soon find a new home on the big screen, as more online video gets brought to television. So, what does it take to make a good makeup tutorial video? That’s the focus of this guide, featuring a selection of some of the best video templates, and stock music, curated in collaboration with the СodeHolder Community.

Video templates

You’ve got all your footage, now it’s time to tie things together visually. Think of the mood you’re trying to create, and consider what else you might need other than images of you and your fabulous tutorial. It’s time for you to choose a an opening titles template. Here are some of the best.

Dynamic Fashion Pack by BLAQMATRIX

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

This one, by BLAQMATRIX, is incredibly eye catching. Bold and fresh, it works well with both black and white, and color footage. Its animations are smooth, and its color scheme is minimal and modern. Even with all its defaults set, it is basically ready to go as an opening titles template for your next video.

Recommended by Treedeo

Trendy Mark by minimallab

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

This template’s a little more sophisticated. Built more to show off still photography, ‘Trendy Mark’ by minimallab is sure to set the right mood for your video, and take it to the next level, as far as how professional it looks. The template “has excellent technical performance and a great sense of style,” says BLAQMATRIX, who recommended it. Right they are.

Recommended by BLAQMATRIX

Abstract Things by rigsmotion

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

At once retro and futuristic, this style of template is very in vogue. “I think it is one of the most stylish fashion openers on Videohive,” says fellow creator, Wayman. “Interesting shapes for media placeholders and a beautiful kaleidoscope effect make this project unique and awesome!” It’s one for those who’s style is minimal, young and hip.

Recommended by Wayman

Fashion 3 – Golden Dreams by microzooms

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

Okay, I’m picturing sparkly acrylic nails, bold lipstick and a painted on raised eyebrow; the type of makeup that would match the glamor of a red carpet. Appropriately titled ‘Golden Dreams,’ it’s an unapologetically glitzy project, perfect for those requiring a tutorial that caters to theur high maintenance.

Recommended by Wayman

Fashion Promo by nitrozme

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

Lots going on in this one, featuring a unique blend of minimal, white shapes with a singular highlight color throughout. It’s pretty sleek, and with the right footage and music track, it could really bring your video to life.

Fashion Style by JPEAVIDEO

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

Here’s one that’s truly stunning. It’s fresh and modern, drawing focus really well with its use of white space, and light transparency of certain objects in the background. “I like minimal style,” says RebornStudio, who curated the piece for us. It’s perfect for a high quality makeup tutorial. It’d even be good enough to open a broadcast TV show. You’re getting your money’s worth with this one.

Recommended by RebornStudio

Hypnosis by AI-OT

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

‘Hypnosis’ by AI-OT either belongs in another time, or in a video focusing on the fashion of the future. With fresh gradients, white grids, exploding cubes where the effects look like a mix of retro and futuristic, this template is the freshest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Recommended by romlam

Elegant Fashion by Qf5

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

Nice and short, this one’s a true video opener. “I really liked the pastel colors, with a modern and sophisticated design style, very well done animation,” says TransitionMG from our forums.

Recommended by TransitionMG

Fashion Opener by efline

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

Smooth, modern and authentic, this template seamlessly combines futuristic elements that glitch, with older retro elements of film and television. There’s never too much going on, with the focus really being on your photos or footage, and on your words, the few times text is centerstage. “It is perfect for a presentation and commercials,” says efline.

Recommended by by efline

Fashion Promo by Majoroff

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

“Author really uses timings and editing by the scale. These classical methods are incredibly relevant here. Furthermore, the right feeling of tempo-rhythm is emphasized by rotation and mirrors effect. This is a right benchmark of the genre.”

Recommended by Foxcrest

White Fashion Promo by TranSMaxX

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

Clean and minimal, this one’s more of a promo template for a video slideshow than it is a set of opening credits. And, it’s perfect for that purpose. Think of it as a template to show before and after photos, alongside your credits at the end of a tutorial.


Being a genre where the subject spends most of their time applying makeup before a camera, makeup tutorials would be extremely boring without music. It’s an essential element to videos like this, and has the ability to make footage of you doing your makeup in your bedroom, feel more like you’re doing it side-stage of a catwalk.

Here are ten tracks the should cover the bases of the most popular styles of makeup tutorial.

Fashion by MusaevElshan

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

What you want, when looking for something to underscore you applying your makeup, is something that’s not too attention grabbing. ‘Fashion’ by MusaevElshan is restrained enough to fade into the background, yet interesting enough to keep the audience occupied when you’re not talking.

Recommended by SweetMusic

Fashion Future House by GhostBox

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

If you’re putting together a video about the best makeup for a night out at a party or club, this is your track. Funky, fresh and energetic, this song has a couple of basic lyrics in it. But, don’t be put off of underscoring your video with something that has vocals. The song is still low key enough to not be attention stealing. “Perfect for any fashion video, dynamic showreel or another videos,” says the author of the track, GhostBox.

Fashionable by LumenMedia

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

“This disco influenced house track is full of shimmer and sexy stylishness. It has energy and elegance that is perfect for fashion shots, extravagant nightclub videos, and luxury merchandise advertising. The music sounds classy, and the production quality is top notch,” says MidnightSnap, who recommended the track. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Recommended by MidnightSnap

Background Fashion Disco Pop by BearStockMusic

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

If you specialize in makeup for supermodels, this is your song Miss Thang. BigKidMusic, who recommended the track in our forums, says, “I like this track because it inspires movement. With this music I can easily imagine the movement of the catwalk models. I like the composition of the music that has a quiet and dynamic moments. Also I like the guitar, I highly recommend this track to your Fashion projects.”

Recommended by BigKidMusic

Future Bass by StudioKolomna

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

“This track is the perfect background for fashion video reports from…parties and makeup video tutorials,” says cleanmindsounds, who curated the track. It’s suits someone with a modern sense of style, mixing energetic beets with electronic elements that make it feel fresh, and professional.

Recommended by cleanmindsounds

Fashion Models by J_Bond

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

This is an interesting mix of instruments, sounding a little more like world music remixed. It’s elegant, its rhythm is motivating, and it has a funky, synthy bassline. “Elegant, motivation and upbeat background music includes deep bass, deep house beat, electro piano chords, synth, vocal samples, ” says its author, J_Bond.

Pop Fashion by Music Aura

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

This one is a very fresh and uplifting track, probably applicable to a lot of styles of video, makeup tutorials included. While it does have electronic elements, it also has acoustic sounding drums and some real sounding guitar layered in. It’s very upbeat and a great set-up to a big night.

Abstract Fashion Beauty by deepersound

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

This track sounds like it’s from the future. If you have a style that’s much more modern and fashion forward, then this track, which is already quite popular is one to consider. davedondee, who recommended it says, “What I like most of this track is the really high end production and its simplicity which makes it quite perfect… full, rich, engaging yet still very minimal and simple. I think this kind of mood goes very well with essential and stylish fashion projects.”

Recommended by davedondee

The Fashion Summer Pop Party by Infraction

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

Young and modern is how I would describe this next track. Perfect for YouTube videos of many sorts, including tech videos, this style would fit perfectly with a makeup tutorial. “Clean and bright tropical fashion house. It’s a fresh summer tune with electric guitar and inspirational melody,” says the track’s author, Infraction.

Electro Technology by m3m

The ultimate video makeup tutorial guide

“It sounds like a modern fashion party,” says this track’s author, m3m. “Luxury, stylish people covered in glamorous lights. The cool EDM rhythm drives me crazy and is suitable for anything and everything fashion and style related!” Get ready for your viewers to dance to this one; a great choice if you want to get people excited.

Plenty to choose from, now to pick one

So, there you have it. Whether you’re producing your first makeup tutorial or your five hundredth, this list should surely offer you a video template and pice of stock music that will work for you. It’s amazing how much these two little elements can turn something shot on an iPhone into a professional looking video. So, before you upload, give your lesson a look that’ll set you apart from the next queen with mascara.

Feature image credit: JohanJK

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