50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

In 2016, ‘video’ no longer means just movies & TV. From YouTube channels and straight-to-Facebook produced content, to new newsroom formats like Vice News Tonight, the uses and applications for video content is more broad-ranging than ever.

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

By 2019, it’s estimated that content network traffic will deliver over half of all internet video traffic; over 1/3 of the world’s population is a YouTube user.

With access to video-making tools and templates, it’s easier than ever to create high-quality content. Adobe After Effects’ impressive set of tools and functionalities has made it the preferred choice of filmmakers, video designers and animators— both professionals and amateurs alike. Created by Adobe, this monster of an editing application was built for creating video animations, visual effects, motion graphics and compositions.

VideoHive is the world’s leading marketplace for After Effects templates, so as you can imagine, there’s a lot of top-quality assets to choose from.

Here’s our recap of the best After Effects templates on our marketplace from 2016 – from our all-time bestsellers, to breakout trending items and new formats

Top 1 – 10 all-time bestselling of 2016:

1. Mosaic Photo Reveal

This #1 bestseller, Mosaic Photo reveal, creates a complex photo effect with your images. There’s even a 3-minute extended version! It’s a full HD that’s drag-and-drop with no plugins or complicated video-making skills – all you need is 100 photos you’d like to populate the mosaic with. ($33)

2. Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon

Get video footage of your images swaying in frames in the trees, without having to look like a crazy person in your backyard. This template by bluehatdesign includes 3 versions, and can be used with up to 42 images. ($33)

3. Photo Motion Pro – Professional 3D Photo Animator

Make videos from still images with this 3D animator, which turns boring, static images into dynamic, moving clips. It’s something you have to see to believe, so we recommend watching the video above. There’s also more than 200 photo effects and filters included with this template. ($65)

4. Black Classic 3D Logo

An easy-to-customize logo effect that turns any logo into a three dimensional graphic for a video. We’ve mostly seen this used for corporate videos, but it could also be useful in personal video projects, intro credits, and more. ($17)

5. Logo Intro Elegance Flare

Want to make a dramatic entrance with your logo? This template is simple and to-the-point, and the low price means it’s a worthwhile addition to your collection. ($11).

6. 140 Flash FX Elements

“Where can I use it?” “Depends on your imagination.”

This bright, pop-art style collection of elements is useful for 3D, video effects, titles, pictures, logos, cartoons, games, and more. Think smoke explosions, electricity, flames, movement lines, and more. ($33)

7. Pixity Land | Character Explainer Toolkit

Need to illustrate a story? This template has a cast of customizable characters, icons, speech bubbles, and more. With almost 5,000 sales and a nearly perfect rating, it’s a unique way to tell your story or explain your product. ($53)

8. Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit

Zoom in anywhere in the world with this template. The map generator wizard is browser-based, and themain template combines all map images and a high-tech library. ($43)

9. 500 Animated Icons

Need an animated icon? How about 500 of them? This is the #1 bestselling icon project, with icons for almost anything you could need. They’re also easily customizable, so you can edit them to match your favorite color (or your brand’s logo). ($48)

10. Logo 3D Levels

This bestselling logo template makes any logo 3D, and the height and color lens is adjustable. ($22).

Top 11-30 bestsellers:

  1. Kinetic Typography Pack
  2. Multi Video & Multi Text Logo Formation
  3. 210 Title Animations
  4. Particle Reveal
  5. Colorful Particles Logo Reveal II
  6. Tablet Commercial
  7. Whiteboard Kit – Make Your Own Story
  8. Lower Thirds
  9. Quantum HUD Infographic
  10. 30 Simple Titles
  11. Album Memories
  12. Photo Animator
  13. Neon Sign Kit
  14. Infographics 3D Map Kit
  15. TypoKing | Title Animation & Kinetic Typography Text
  16. Lower Thirds
  17. Elegant Extrusion
  18. Flip Characters
  19. Photo Frames
  20. Corporate Typography Pack

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Best brand-new After Effects templates of 2016

1. 30 Simple Title

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

30 unique, original titles.

2. FX Particle Builder | Fire Dust Smoke Particular Presets

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

“It’s a particle generator and you create fire, dust, magic, smoke, sparkle, flames or glass particles in fastest and easiest way.”

3. Dynamic Opener

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

This opener includes 35 placeholders with full color control and no plugins required.

4. Rigmo – Rigged Character Animation Mockup

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

Design your own custom character, and then animate them to fit your explainer video, presentation, product video, or more.

5. Lower Thirds

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

A clean, minimal template for captions on the lower third of your video – ideal for captions or titles.

6. Platinum | Logo Reveal

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

This logo project has six pre-made backgrounds, and free updates.

7. Wedding Titles

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

A romantic collection of titles for a wedding video or slideshow.

8. Superhero Logo

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

Animate your logo in a superhero style or comic book reveal.

9. Parallax Slideshow

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

A cinematic slideshow template with customizable colors and openings.

10. Double Exposure Generator

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

Take your image to the next level with this unique double exposure template.

11. Urban Opener

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

This urban opener has 33 media placeholders and 17 text placeholders.

12. Transitions

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

A transition pack with 5 variations and bright, eye-catching colors.

13. 9 Modern Glitch Titles

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

Animated typefaces and numbers for quick and easy titles.

14. Liquid Motion Elements

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

A unique, colorful project with liquid elements and eye-catching imagery.

15. Simple Infographics

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

Infographics are so 2015 – upgrade with a video infographic.

16. Lower Thirds

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

Bright animations with simple, classic shapes.

17. Social Media Video Captions

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

Most people watch videos on Facebook without the sound on anyways, right? Make sure they’re not missing what you’re saying by adding these captions to your video.

18. Map Kit

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

This map kit includes 202 countries! Last time we checked, there were only 196, so this After Effect project is going above and beyond.

19. Animated Map Path

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

Where are you going? Map your journey on a video.

20. Event Promo

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2016

An adaptable promo video for your next event.

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