v14.0 Updated Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin

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Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin

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Bookly — awesome appointment booking and scheduling solution, 10000+ satisfied business owners agree. Simple setup & mobile device friendly, excellent support! The booking form automatically re-adjusts to fit the mobile version of your website when viewed on mobile devices.


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Version: v14.0
Created: 12 April 2014
Last Update: 12 December 2017
Author: Ladela
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Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin

Automated online booking & scheduling for WordPress: fully customizable booking form with online payments, notifications, and Google Calendar sync.

* Please note that the free version of Bookly may have limited functionality.


  • Unlimited number of staff members, services, appointments, and customers.
  • Flexible scheduling: padding times, varying appointment duration (5 min – 7 days), holidays, days off, individual working schedules.
  • Fully customizable look & feel of the booking form, with no need for custom coding. Customize color scheme, interface copy, steps of booking process.
  • Compatible with translation plugins (incl. WPML) and has 50+ currency support built in.

Bookly’s (Simple) Booking Process

Bookly is the best booking plugin for WordPress websites (customer’s words – not ours). The process of booking appointments is fully customizable for your clients. It’s anywhere from 2 to 6 easy Steps. Here’s a walkthrough of the user experience in the standard 6-Step scheduling process.

This piece touches on add-ons, and focuses more on the standard booking plugin. Check out our add-ons and the deeper customization options they provide.

Step 1: Choose Service

Upon arrival at the page containing the booking plugin, the client enters the following information:

  • Desired service
  • Desired staff member
  • Desired date and time

Note: Let customers decide on the number of people they wish to book. How: Increase the capacity of a service in the Services tab and untick the ‘Number of Persons’ checkbox while integrating the plugin with your pages.

Service Extras, one of our most popular add-ons, allows you to add extra products or services to an appointment. When added, a new step will appear in the booking process, pictured below.

Step 2. Pick a Time Slot

Based on the preferred date & time, the booking system offers a list of available time slots. The customer can browse through the scheduling list and choose the time that suits them.

You can customize the available dates that are displayed to clients. You can also change the appearance, like having each day in a separate column. See how here.

Step 3 (optional): Book Multiple Appointments in One Session

Your clients can book multiple appointments in one booking session. This feature adds an option to ‘book more’ right after Step 2. The ‘book more’ button will bring them back to Step 1, while storing the current booking on their cart (How to set up the cart).

Two add-ons are worth mentioning at this point. The Chain Appointments add-on allows the client to book different services in one visit. For example in a dentist’s office: a cleaning, whitening and check-up can be booked in sequence.

Multiply Appointments allows your client to book identical services back-to-back. This is useful for group bookings where clients are assisted individually.

All booked appointments will be displayed together with their dates, times, staff members, and prices.

Step 4: User Info

Here’s where customers insert info for organizational or marketing purposes. The defaults are name, phone number and email. These fields cannot be removed, but the phone number can be replaced with a Skype ID. More fields can be added as desired.

Your customers can also leave notes here on the booking system. Like their favourite spa cocktail or a request for parking space.

Step 5: Payment

The customer can choose between multiple payment options, including offline payment (cash on arrival). There are 10+ online payment options that you can choose from and enable for your plugin. Read more on these options and how to set them up.

With our pro booking plugin, you can integrate and offer coupons, like this.

Should you offer any free services (price set to 0), this step will be skipped.

Step 6: Booking Confirmation

Appointment confirmed. If you’ve set up notifications (highly recommended), a confirmation email and a text message (SMS) with booking details are sent to the customer. See how to set notifications up with this video, or this help document.

If you have switched on the pending appointments feature, we recommend that you change the wording of this last step. An acknowledgement or heads-up to say that you’ll be in touch to confirm the booking would be better.

Simple and easy, isn’t it?

What makes Bookly different to other booking plugins is our world class support and fantastic customization options. Try a Bookly demo for free.

If you need any more information on Bookly, feel free to visit our YouTube page and learn more about our epic booking plugin for WordPress.

We advise getting a quality booking plugin for WordPress. Clients appreciate a smooth, easy booking process.

All you could want to know about Bookly as a WordPress Plugin

You’re halfway there, but you need more information to make sure Bookly is the perfect booking system for you. Whether you’re a developer or a business owner.

To see others we’ve helped, feel free to have a look at our reviews section.

Otherwise, read on to wisen up.

What is Bookly?

Bookly is a plugin for WordPress websites. With Bookly, your clients can make bookings for service right on your site. No need for time-consuming phone calls or face-to-face meetings.

According to many reviews, Bookly is the best booking plugin for WP. It’s a unique booking system that is under constant development to stay on top. Our programmers never stop working to satisfy your requests and concerns.

So if you’re ready to automate booking on your (or your client’s) website, Bookly could be the appointment software you’re looking for.

What you would need to replicate Bookly – without Bookly?

If you wanted your website to accept bookings online, you would choose Bookly, right? But what if you didn’t?

First of all, you’d need an expert programmer to set a booking system up on your website. If you didn’t wish to keep this expert on your payroll, you’d need to train up one of your current employees to keep it all running. This first step costs time and money.

Next you would have to train each of your staff members on how to use this software. This can also cost a lot of time, depending on how complicated the system is.

Then you would have to hire someone in a secretarial role to handle the bookings and allocate staff members.

It could become quite a messy business.

That’s why Bookly is such a great plugin. It takes all of these moving parts out and adds them into a simple plugin with powerful capabilities.

Let’s take a look at some of those capabilities.

What does Bookly have to offer?

* Some features require add-ons, but most don’t.

* Bookly is in a state of constant development, depending on what the community wants. Thanks to our feature request page, you decide what we develop.

Intuitive WordPress admin panel

Whether you’re a WP pro or beginner, our clean panel design will suit your skills and preferences.

You can set Bookly up with almost no effort and have a world-class booking system working for you in no time. Managing features and appointments couldn’t be easier.

Sleek, simple design.

The interface has been smartly designed to fit into any web page. A booking system wouldn’t be much use if it stuck out like a sore thumb now, would it?

The booking page is simply designed to make using it a breeze. Your clients will breeze through it and be knocking at your door in no time. Not only that, but booking an appointment from your website is sure to impress those customers.

See the demo.

Customize Bookly to suit any need

The booking form is fully customizable to suit your style and business. With this revolutionary booking plugin, you can:

  • Change the layout of each step in the booking process
  • Add new fields to the process
  • Change the colors to blend perfectly into your scheme
  • Customize any of the text on the form.

Whatever your customization needs, Bookly’s got you covered.

Send SMS and email notifications and reminders to team members – avoid missed or late bookings

You and your staff will always stay on the game. Reminders of upcoming and updated appointments made through the booking plugin will make sure of it. Never miss a booking again.

Keep your clients informed too

It won’t do much good if your staff are on time but your clients aren’t. Your clients will get notifications on pending, approved and cancelled bookings.

Again, the notifications are customizable. Remind clients about bookings, thank customers, personalize your messages. You can even send next day agenda’s to staff and combined notifications for cart purchases.

For a detailed overview of all the notification options, see here.

Send customized emails

Specifically with emails, you can customize the name and email address. You can choose to send in either plain text or HTML. You can edit templates in WYSIWYG mode, and make use of text formatting tools to beautify your communications with clients.

Custom texts / SMSs

You can customize text messages quickly and easily from the Bookly backend in WordPress. You can use your business name as the SenderID(available in most countries), get low balance notifications, automatic balance refill, and detailed message reports.

Let clients book on the go with full mobile integration

The booking form automatically readjusts itself to fit your mobile site. This way your clients can use the booking plugin anywhere, at any time.

Manage bookings on the go with a mobile friendly backend

The backend also adapts to fit your mobile screen, so you can manage your bookings on the go, too. Because it’s your job to take of the clients, and ours to take care of you.

Add unlimited services and staff members

Whether your business is a one-man operation or a mega corporation, Bookly adapts to suit you.

You can:

  • add any number of services and staff members
  • Link staff members with the services they provide and with their personal Google calendar
  • Tie each employee to one or several services.

Everything you would expect from a booking plugin, and more.

Let clients book in their native language with full translation support

Bookly is compatible with WPML, supporting multi-language websites. The .po and .mo files allow you to translate your Bookly installation yourself, if desired.

The plugin comes with 10 built in languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Swedish
  • Chinese

Integrate Bookly with your Woocommerce store

If you need a booking plugin for your WordPress store page, we’ve got you covered yet again. Full Woocommerce integration allows you to use their payment gateways – for both the budding entrepreneur and established business professional.

Manage your customer base effortlessly

Don’t let your client base get out of hand. With Bookly you get an unlimited, sortable and searchable customer list. But that’s not all. You can also:

  • See booking and payment stats for each customer
  • Store internal notes about a customer
  • Add a new customer directly from the calendar
  • Create and assign WordPress accounts to customers
  • Delete associated WordPress account when deleting customers
  • And import and export customer lists

Customize your front end form to suit your taste

The front end booking form can also be fully customized, with:

  • Unlimited colors
  • Editable texts for all elements on the form
  • Progress messages with replacement codes and HTML support
  • Set defaults values for category, service and employee fields
  • Hide category, service and employee fields
  • Hide date, week days and time range fields
  • Reorder service provider list, categories list and list of services
  • Display time slots in client’s time zone
  • Show or hide the calendar
  • Show each day in a new column
  • Show blocked time slots
  • And redirect clients to a custom page instead of the last step page.

With so many options, you can see why Bookly is the perfect booking plugin for your business.

Distribute coupons to draw new clients and increase client loyalty

Clients love promotions and discounts. And we all know the value of time-sensitive offers. With Bookly Coupons add-on, you can offer percentage or cash amount discounts for an influx of clients.

Set different prices for different staff members

Have you got different staff members at different skill levels? You can add prices to reflect that with Bookly, allowing your customers a choice. Choice breeds satisfaction, and satisfaction keeps clients coming back for more!

Add custom schedules for individual staff members

Your team don’t have to stick to generic business hours. You can discuss and create individual booking hours for each staff member on the Bookly plugin.

You can also add breaks and annual leave right from the plugin. Not what you’d expect from a standard booking plugin, but that’s what we do – surpass expectations.

Take advantage of the Bookly shopping cart

With the built-in cart feature enabled, your clients can return to the 1st page and make another booking. This way, they can order a number of bookings and pay for all of them in advance.

Build your own form

Bookly Custom Fields add-on allows you to create and add your own custom fields to your booking form – with ease. Bookly is arguably the most customizable booking plugin for WordPress. That’s because we care about your needs. This shows with our feature request page, where you decide what we develop for you next.

Synchronize Bookly with your Google Calendar

With Google Calendar and Bookly you can manage your staff workload, hours and bookings with maximum efficiency.

Most only offer a one-way sync, but as usual we’ve gone one step further. Google Calendar syncs with Bookly and Bookly syncs with Google Calendar to make a rare two way sync possible!

Time slots booked in Bookly are automatically marked as busy in your Google Calendar. And busy slots in Google Calendar are taken into account when Bookly proposes available time slots to clients.

Sell anything and everything

You can have the most complex, diverse service system ever and still put on in Bookly. Quickly and easily. Whatever your business, Bookly can help.

Sort services by categories

With Bookly, you’ll have a wide range of options on every service. Including:

  • Set the duration of each service separately
  • Adjust minimum time slot lengths
  • Set visibility to public or private for each service
  • Set service category

…and more!

Import or Export Data

You can export just about all data in the plugin. This includes:

  • Appointments log
  • Customer info
  • List of customers

And you can import data, such as client databases. As a top booking plugin for WordPress, Bookly strives to offer convenience to clients, business owners and developers – and that’s just what it does.

Confirm your bookings manually

You can have appointments created in pending status. They’ll stay this way until you confirm them. Great for when you’re in a period of uncertain availability.

Add off days

You can set weekends, holidays or days off for your entire staff roll, or for individual staff members.

Set different appointment lengths and padding time

All services are not created equal. We understand that and that’s why each service can have different durations. If your appointments require prep (or you need coffee between appointments) there’s the padding time option to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed.

Let customers view and edit bookings online

Add a booking list (automatically updated) to your website. If your client wishes to view their appointments, they can login with their credentials, which are automatically sent to them by Bookly if you choose to create WordPress accounts for all customers.

They can then view, edit or cancel their appointments – giving them flexibility and increasing client satisfaction.

Keep track of appointments by color-coding services

You can assign unique colors to each of your services in the WordPress backend. That way you can keep track of appointments. This aids visual scheduling, making your life easier.

Add a handy progress bar

The handy progress bar will show clients how far in the booking process they are. This way they don’t get frustrated by a longer booking process – they know exactly what to expect.

Set minimum notice periods for cancellations

You can set a minimum notice period (eg. 24, 48 hours) for cancellations. Should the client cancel in time, this will not affect them. But it will prevent them cancelling on short notice.

Let your clients cancel when life catches up to them

Sometimes life happens, and we can’t make our appointments. Bookly’s cancellation process makes it easy for clients to cancel – and shows your flexibility. The cancellation only works when it is outside of the minimum notice period, however.

Cover all your needs with a range of valuable add-ons

Should the standard booking plugin not fit all your needs, we have a host of add-ons that will. These add-ons provide real value for real needs, based off of the feedback of our users.
See the full list here.

Accept group bookings, chain bookings and service extras

Should your appointments be for groups of people, the client can specify the amount of persons they’d like to book for.

Should the client wish to book different services in one session, the Chain Appointments add-on will give them this option. And the Multiply Appointments add-on will allow them to book back to back sessions of the same service.

The Service Extras add-on (one of our most popular) will allow your clients to book extras with their services. You can add different extras to different services.

The best part? You can have all of these options active at once.

Receive secure and flexible payments

Secure online payments and cash on delivery work together to make your service accessible to all your clients. Paypal Express Checkout is included in Bookly standard version, and there are various add-ons for payment gateways which can be integrated with Bookly to help drive more customers from the booking plugin right to your door.

You can also filter and sort a list of complete and pending payments with payment reporting. And hide the payment step for free services. Customization is key for a booking plugin (especially for WordPress), and Bookly has tons of that.

Is Bookly the right booking plugin for your business?

You can only ask so much from a booking plugin, unless you’re asking Bookly. Unlimited customization, staff and customer management, fully automated – just a few reasons Bookly is regarded as the best booking plugin for WordPress.

If you’re ready to let clients make appointments right on your website, it’s time to choose Bookly.

Just be sure you’re ready to handle the mass of customers Bookly is sure to reel in!

To get Bookly now, just click here.


Fixed issue with Custom Fields after previous update

Added new custom notifications
Added ability to create appointments with custom service
Added new shortcode for cancellation confirmation page

Added support for Waiting List (Add-on)
Added support for Packages (Add-on)
Added ability to create custom notifications
Added ability to limit number of bookings per customer
Added new notification code {reject_appointment_url}

Fixed issues with entering purchase code
Fixed issues with cron reminders

Added ability to enter first name and last name of customers separately
Added ability to specify a rule about how staff members should be automatically selected when customers choose “Any”
Added word “Any” to staff name in the appointments for which the staff member was booked as “Any”

Added support for WordPress 4.8.2

Added ability to set price format
Added ability to automatically fill in personal information for returning 
customers at Details step
Changed the way how Bookly identifies returning customers – now it uses phone 
if phone field is required, otherwise email is used

Fixed issue with extras and GC

Fixed issues with login form at Details step

Fixed regression bugs with WooCommerce and WPML

Fixed issues with PHP < 5.5

Added ability to configure displayed appointment info in Bookly calendar
Added ability to set minimum service capacity
Added 3 new cron reminders
Added ability to show service duration next to service name in Bookly forms
Added support for WP Super Cache (do not cache pages with Bookly forms)
Improved support for daylight saving time

Added support for Staff Cabinet (Add-on)
Added ability to setup custom CSS
Added ability to set phone field as optional
Added new texts for Payment step in Appearance
Fixed displaying morning slots of night shift

Added support for PayPal Payments Standard (Add-on)
Added ability to set service duration in days
Added ability to set different text for Next button at each booking step

Added customer birthday greetings
Added ability to change appointment status directly from the edit appointment 
Fixed status Rejected for those who got version 13.0 via update

Added support for Recurring Appointments (Add-on)
Added new status Rejected for appointments
Added ability to send notifications for deleted appointments
Added buttons for quick access to Bookly documentation and support team

Added support for version 1.1 of Service Schedule (Add-on)
Fixed an issue with duplicate items in WooCommerce cart

Fixed Google Calendar error: “Could not json decode the token”

Updated Stripe library to version 4.2.0
Fixed payments amount in the list of customers
Fixed an issue with adding customers to appointments with cancelled 

Fixed time zone issue in cron notifications

Added support for Service Schedule (Add-on)
Added new option to make slot length equal to service duration
For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.11
For users of Locations (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.5
For users of Multiply Appointments (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.2
For users of Special Days (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.1
For users of Special Hours (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.1

Added support for Special Hours (Add-on)
Fixed issue with Next button at Payments step
Fixed lags on staff members’ schedule page

Added support for Special Days (Add-on)
Added ability to specify default user role for newly created WordPress 
accounts for customers
Added Bookly SMS weekly summary
For users of Chain Appointments (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.1
For users of Deposit Payments (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.2
For users of Locations (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.4
For users of Multiply Appointments (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.1
For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.9

Added records in Bookly for payments made with WooCommerce
Added compatibility of Deposit Payments (Add-on) with WooCommerce
Added new currency KES
Fixed unnecessary requests to SMS server

Fixed issue with daylight saving time and Google Calendar
Fixed formatting for {next_day_agenda}

Fixed updating list of services when category is selected
Fixed an issue with linking coupons and services
For users of Deposit Payments (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.1

Added support for custom SMS sender IDs
Added locations and extras in staff agenda notifications
Added creating appointments for WooCommerce orders with status “On Hold”
Added cancellation of appointments for refunded/cancelled WooCommerce orders
For users of Locations (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.3

Added support for Deposit Payments (Add-on)
Added “Complete payment” for local payments
For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.8
For users of Locations (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.2

Added creating appointments when WooCommerce order with status “Processing” 
is created
Fixed an issue with private services provided by public staff members

Added new currency PKR
Fixed linking new coupons with services
Fixed updating list of services when location is selected
Fixed an issue with including Bookly assets in HTTPS pages

Fixed saving appointments for some server configurations
Minor CSS adjustments

Added ability to link coupons with services
Added new setting to show/hide service price next to employee name
Added more codes to WooCommerce cart item data
Added new currency BHD
For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.7
For users of Locations (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.1

Added support for version 1.6 of Service Extras (Add-on)

Added support for version 1.5 of Service Extras (Add-on)

Added code [[PAYMENT_TYPE]] in notifications
Added ability to delete payments
Added ability to display custom fields in appointments list on the front-end
Fixed an issue with Google Calendar integration when days were marked 
as fully booked

Fixed time zone issue in WooCommerce orders
CSS adjustments
For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.4

Minor CSS adjustments

Added “Test Email Notifications” tool
Fixed JS error at Extras step

Fixed time zone issue when the first step of booking is skipped
Fixed navigation with Back button from cart
For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.3

Fixed appointment time in notifications to clients

New back-end design
Added support for Locations (Add-on)
Added support for Chain Appointments (Add-on)
Added support for Multiply Appointments (Add-on)
Added translation into Traditional Chinese
Added new currencies ZMW and MUR
For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.2
For users of Multisite (Add-on): Please also update the add-on to version 1.4

Added ability to print appointments list
Fixed minor issues with appointments list filter

Added booking numbers
Added new filters in Appointments
Added combined notifications for built-in cart
Added payment details
Added ability for staff members to approve appointments from email 
or SMS notifications
Added ability to hide particular staff members and services in booking form
Added internal note for appointments
Updated Authorize.Net to support Akamai network
For users of Service Extras (Add-on): Please also update the add-on 
to version 1.1

Added ability to make staff selection required in the first step of booking
Added new currency LAK
Fixed padding for Google Calendar events
Fixed translation into German

Fixed selecting staff member in shortcode

Added new setting “Cancel appointment action”
Fixed regression bug in cron notifications
Fixed auto-scroll when going back to the first step of booking
Fixed custom fields order in appointments export

Added appointment statuses (pending, approved, cancelled)
Added new notification types for each appointment status
Added ability to reorder cart columns
Fixed displaying available days in calendar at the Time step

Added new currency ARS
Fixed minor issues with scrolling of time slots on mobile
Fixed displaying Google Calendar errors

Added new currency XOF
Fixed time zone issue in WooCommerce when “Display available time slots in 
client’s time zone” is enabled

Important! If you are using Bookly Multisite add-on you need to update it 
to version 1.1 or higher
Added support for Bookly Service Extras add-on
Added support for Mollie (iDEAL payments available)
Added ability to set reminders sending time
Added ability to show/hide columns in built-in cart
Added ability to insert textual content in custom fields

Added ability to bind custom fields to services
Added export of clients
Added new field Info in staff member profile
Added new codes [[STAFF_INFO]] and [[GOOGLE_CALENDAR_URL]] in Notifications

Added pagination for [bookly-appointments-list] shortcode
Added ability to edit button labels in Appearance
Added new currency ISK
Fixed PHP warnings when paying with PayPal

Added filling WooCommerce checkout form with data from Bookly details step
Fixed sending notifications when all payment methods are disabled

Added built-in cart
Added 45 min slots
Added support for Payson invoice
Added new currencies AED, HRK, VND, NGN and UAH

Added new setting “Minimum time requirement prior to cancellation”
Added support for WPML in custom fields
Added support for WPML in scheduled notifications
Added Auto-Recharge in Bookly SMS
Added notification about low balance in Bookly SMS
Improved back navigation when “Any” is selected for staff member

Fixed an issue with validating emails
Fixed a problem with booking when reaching the limit of capacity

Added support for Bookly Multisite add-on (sold separately)

Fixed an issue with cancelling appointments in Google Calendar

Fixed an issue with Google_Service_Exception

Fixed regression bugs in custom fields and time zones

Added Payson payment gateway
Added PayU Latam payment gateway
Added support for RTL
Added payment information in Calendar and Appointments
Fixed conflict with Ultimate Member plugin

Fixed issue with service name in PayPal

Removed shipping address in PayPal
Added OMR currency
Fixed issues with “padding” of services
Fixed issue with switching months in calendar at the second step

Updated Dutch and Swedish translations
Fixed conflict with some themes due to hex2rgb function

Fixed inserting shortcode

Added 2Checkout payment gateway
Added captcha to custom fields
Added ability to disable country selection in phone field
Added ability to hide week days and/or time range in the first step of booking
Added support for Stripe.js
Now Bookly takes into account only Google Calendar events with status “busy”
Fixed some issues with WPML and double bookings in WooCommerce cart

Fixed disabling SMS and email notifications

Added padding time
Fixed regression bugs with credit card payments
Fixed issue with HTTPS and detecting client’s country by IP

Added support for night shifts
Fixed “<br>” in company address in emails sent as plain text
Fixed issue with the second step not loading when “Show calendar” is enabled

Added time slot lengths up to 6 hours
Added new setting to send emails as plain text
Added new setting to set clients’ email as “reply to” address in email
Improved the second step of booking when “Show calendar” is enabled

Fixed wrong dates in the popup back-end calendar for time zones behind UTC
Fixed time-text in vertical axis of the back-end calendar

Added ‘All day’ services
Added new code [[LOGIN_FORM]] to the Details step of booking so users can 
log in at that step
Added ability to choose staff members in the back-end calendar
Back-end calendar now remembers active view and staff members
Added ability to translate category, service and staff member names with WPML

Added ability to view appointments of all staff members in the back-end
Added ability to navigate to specific dates in the back-end calendar
Added ability to edit appointments in the list
Fixed issue with displaying dates in calendar at the second step of booking

Added support for WPML
Added month view in the back-end calendar
Added ability to select country in the phone field
Added [[STAFF_NAME]] in staff agenda templates
Fixed “<br>” in company address in SMS

Fixed issue with popups in the back-end on mobile devices
Fixed issue with “No time is available for booking”

Added SMS notifications
Added reusable coupons
Added deduction parameter in coupons
Added support for database backup/transfer plugins
Added ability to specify what information should be placed in Google Calendar 
event title
Added new setting for choosing how Bookly assets should be included 
in the page (may be helpful in some themes)
Improved the look and feel of the admin panel elements
Fixed email notifications when WooCommerce is enabled

Added ability to use WooCommerce cart with free services
Fixed conflict with other plugins that change default time zone in WordPress
Fixed issues with Google Calendar events when “Show blocked timeslots”
is enabled

Updated Authorize.Net library
Added support for working hours up to midnight
Added translation into Italian
Fixed issue with displaying days off in calendar at the second step
Fixed problem with creating `ab_email_notification` table in database
Fixed E_STRICT error message

Added ability to delete associated WordPress user when deleting customer
Added restoring selected week days when going back to the first step of booking
Fixed creating new staff members
Fixed minor cosmetic issues

Added integration with WooCommerce
Added new option to allow staff members to edit their profile settings
Added auto scroll when the next step’s content is outside of screen

Security update to prevent XSS vulnerability
Fixed issue with extra slot being excluded when fetching events 
from Google Calendar

Fixed problem with initialization of Bookly in some themes

Fixed displaying booking forms in IE9
Fixed displaying PayPal errors
Fixed bug with repeating days when “Show each day in one column” is enabled

Added new code [[CUSTOM_FIELDS_2C]] in Notifications for 2 column formatting 
([[CUSTOM_FIELDS]] reverted to old formatting)
Fixed issues when creating WP user for logged in customer or 
not logged in customer uses existing name and email

Added ability to assign WP users to customers when editing or creating a new 
Added translation into Dutch

Added ability to create WP accounts for customers
Added new shortcode for viewing and cancelling customers’ appointments
in the front-end
Added cancelled appointment notifications
Added ability to view appointments as a list in the admin panel
Added ability to use HTML tags in Appearance and Custom Fields
Improved time zones support

Added new selection “Number of persons” in the first step of booking
Added new appearance setting “Show calendar”
Added new codes [[NUMBER_OF_PERSONS]] and [[TOTAL_PRICE]]
Added new currency COP
Fixed time in scheduled email notifications when “Display available time slots 
in client’s time zone” is enabled

Added translation into German
Added new currency SAR
Fixed time in email notifications to clients (regression bug)
Fixed an issue when Bookly output is affected by “wpautop”

Added new setting to limit the number of fetched events from Google Calendar 
for 2 way sync
Fixed displaying time slots with big time zone offset
Fixed a problem with Google Calendar integration (regression bug)

Added new setting to restrict the number of days available for booking
Added new currency CLP
Fixed the number of displayed time slots at step 2

Added ability to reorder items in the lists of services, categories and staff 
Added new appearance settings – “Show blocked timeslots” and “Show each day 
in one column”
Fixed regression bugs in the drop down lists in the first step of booking form

Added custom fields in export
Added new codes [[STAFF_PHOTO]], [[STAFF_EMAIL]], [[STAFF_PHONE]] in email 
Added option to enable just 1 way sync with Google Calendar
Added ability to change “I will pay locally”

Added [[CUSTOM_FIELDS]] code in email notifications
Added copying custom fields to Google Calendar event
Added displaying custom fields’ values in Bookly calendar when capacity is 1
Fixed issue when loading lots of events from Google Calendar for step 2

Added custom fields (Note that [[CLIENT_NOTES]] has been removed from 
email notifications)
Added support for 100% discount coupons
Added payment description in PayPal invoice
Fixed export to CSV

Fixed popup box issue in calendar in WordPress 4.1
Fixed [[CATEGORY_NAME]] in email notifications

Fixed redirect after PayPal payment

Added minimum time requirement prior to booking from 1 to 48 hours
Fixed caching problems on WP Engine hosting
Fixed auto selection of newly created customer in the calendar

Added option to hide date and time selection at the first step
Fixed import of customers

Fixed setting GC calendar ID
Fixed regression bugs

Added 2 way sync with Google Calendar via new API
Added coupons
Restored notes in the back-end calendar when capacity is 1

Added new replacement [[SERVICE_PRICE]] for email notifications
Added delimiter setting for import from CSV
Fixed regression bug in export to Google Calendar

Fixed regression bug in cron notifications
Fixed regression bug in displaying price next to employee name

Added support for multiple bookings
Added 5, 10 and 12 minutes time slots
Added taking in account Google Calendar events when displaying available time 
Added pre populating name and email for logged in customers
Added sorting categories, services and employees alphabetically

Fixed displaying step 5 after PayPal payment (regression bug)

Fixed bug when deleting appointment after cancellation
Fixed bug in displaying customers list

Fixed [[CATEGORY_NAME]] in cron notifications
Fixed service selection when go backwards
Fixed regression bugs

Since this version Bookly requires at least PHP 5.3
Added new payment method – Stripe
Skip payment step for free services
Fixed issues with HTTPS
Fixed cancellation link for appointments created in the back-end

Added Authorize.net support
Added new replacement [[CATEGORY_NAME]] both in appearance and email
notifications settings
Bug fixes

WordPress 4.0 support
Fixed translation into French
Fixed cron notifications
Fixed Google Calendar formatting
Clear plugin data upon uninstalling

Added automatic export to Google Calendar
Added time zones support
Added time slot length setting
Added customer search field when editing appointment
Added cancel appointment link
Added 22 new currencies
Added ability to edit form labels
Added ability to enter CSS code for main color
Added setting to disable last minute appointments
Added export appointments feature
Added import customers feature
Fixed first day of week

Added new field Notes at Details step
Fixed date and time in email notifications on non-English web sites

New replacement [[STAFF_NAME]] in Appearance (old replacements
[[BY_SERVICE_PROVIDER_NAME]] and [[BY_STAFF_NAME]] are deprecated)
Translation into French
Fixed bug with datepicker on non-English web sites

Fixed sending emails to staff
Updated translations

Added decimal prices
Don’t display non-working days
Bug fixes
High Resolution


Compatible Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE11, IE10

Compatible With

WooCommerce 2.6.x, WPML

Files Included

JavaScript JS, CSS, HTML, PHP

Software Version

WordPress 4.6.1

63 reviews for Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin

  1. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Awesome plugin, love it!

  2. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    The customer support is outstanding for this plugin that does a lot of complex things very well.
    At first, we were hesitant because of the price but you get everything you pay for and more. From the WYSIWYG customization to the way we were able to bend the plugin to our unique requirements, I’m so glad this was the Booking plugin we ultimately went with.

  3. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    This plug-in is absolutely excellent. The customer support also very good. There are add-ons to this plug to extend its capabilities that are also excellent. You will need to understand your server if you want to set up the email notifications, but it gives you the options to customize if you have the skills to do so. Txt notifications and the calendar itself are very user friendly.

  4. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


  5. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Great support. I had some issues with Bookly and some of the add-ons, because of my theme. Bookly worked it out and found the working solution.

  6. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    If all the promised features worked, this would be a great product. It had everything I was looking for and looks good too. However, features break randomly, the database gets messed up monthly, and it’s utterly unreliable. I can’t provide my clients with a system they can’t trust.

  7. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Love the ease of working with this plug in!

  8. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    Rude and ignorant customer support, which needs to be improved vastly if they don’t want to lose clients.

  9. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    Take all the features out and start charging for them, Avoid there are other plugins that are not so greedy

  10. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


  11. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    truly the number one plugin for bookings, it’s not cheap but all the money worth it

  12. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    Support is very slow, and very bad. I discovered that bookly does not work on Safari, and their solution was for me to de-activate all my wordpress plugins… and so i did, and that did not fix the problem, so they then told me that I should try deactivating them all again, so i did that….again no change… then they told me “Regarding Safari issue, unfortunately, I can’t check it at this time.” So pathetic and disrespectful to your paying customers.

  13. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    All right boys, time to go home. We have a winner over here 😀

  14. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    This extension provide you ability to define special hours for each service. Useful for multiple hours working day like a shop or a restaurant who is open twice a day.

  15. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Have been very happy with this WordPress plugin. Updates and new features are released regularly too.

  16. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Long time user of Bookly – this software saves us hours of time.

  17. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    4 out of 5


  18. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    i can apply this for Bus Booking system

  19. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Very good job!

  20. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    2 out of 5


    Hi guys, Trying out Bookly and what I notice is that you Google translated all the texts. It. Is. Horrible. Please either spent the few bucks on some translation or just keep it all in English. Secondly: where do I start? There is no guide or manual. I am just clicking everything and have to see what the broken translation is trying to tell me. To give an idea: “close” is now translated into the Dutch “nearby”. Now I hope all is working, but as you are asking me to rate this paid plugin, I would give it quite low because of these 2 points. I’ll wait a bit. – Thomas Ok it seems the e-mail button doesn’t even work. So here’s a public rating.

  21. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


  22. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    4 out of 5


  23. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    Do NOT buy!!!! Save yourself many headaches. My client purchased a license for her new escape room business. For 2 weekends in a row, which is her busy time, she has not been able to accept bookings online, losing a LOT of money. For 2 weeks now, support has said there is a database issue and will fix it, but they have not fixed anything. They just emailed, saying that it is working fine, because they do not know how to read and understand the problem. I have provided FTP and WP creds 2x, all for nothing. Aside from this big issue, I have had numerous smaller issues using this plugin with my other clients. (Ticket 43879)

  24. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    I want to apologize for my initial review, the support contacted me and after installing curl on my apache and php5 it fixed the email problem. Their support staff was very diligent and prompt and they know exactly what their doing. Thanks!

  25. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


  26. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    The best customer support.

  27. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    4 out of 5


    I bought this booking systems to my rental service. At first i wasn’t sure if it could fit our needs. But the flexibility and add-ons fixed it all without tuching any code. We are so happy and will add the link, as soon as we are ready to go live. One thing that could give the last star, would be a feature where i could place a link in a slider og page. The link should end up at the booking page with an preset category and service already selected. Hope that could be a possibility in the next update.

  28. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


  29. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    Plugin is Buggy and unreliable.

  30. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    4 out of 5


    Comprehensive and really very good. I’ve managed to setup some quite complex booking features by adding the service extras add-on and experienced little to no problems. My review would have been 5 star but for the rather annoying notifications that popup. Those things really, really annoy me.

  31. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


  32. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    Their latest update ruined my client’s website. Support is slow and poor in general. I would avoid this plugin, there are plenty of others available that likely have better support.

  33. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    I encountered an issue with 13.4 – but this got fixed quite quickly with another release. So far impressed with the functionality.

  34. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    This is a great plugin, although I have suffered issues with email notifications the support are generally quite fast in checking any problems for you. I have purchased this plugin several times now.

  35. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Nice plugin – does exactly what is is built for!

  36. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    The plugin works as expected, and does its job elegantly. When we had questions about additional features, the maintainer responded within 24 hours. Overall, I’m quite satisfied.

  37. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Very good plugin, flexible and easy-to-use. Very responsive support.

  38. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    Code deactivates plugin on LIVE sites if you don’t enter your purchase code. It does it after a period of 7 days so if you don’t see the email they send (mine went to spam) and don’t check your settings page (only place they have a notification) you won’t know it until your plugin stops functioning. Does so for every addon too from what I can tell. I can’t find documentation of this anywhere but found the code for it within the plugin. Horrible idea from a plugin creator. I can understand limiting update and support without a valid purchase code but breaking a live functioning site because I forgot to enter the purchase code for an addon is reckless.

  39. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    Paypal module isn’t work due to a handshaking error. We own and administer our own servers and all services using SSL certificates are working correctly, even a Prestashop using Paypal APIS. Ladela claims about the problem isn’t in their code and leave us alone. With other affairs, they just want to gain access to the dashboard to the WordPress installation using FTP. How do they think anyone is going to open access to him freely? Why don’t use their own systems for testing errors and launch a patch as most developers do? At this point, I’m sure I should bayed another module.

  40. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    The plugin is very poorly designed. There is NO attention to detail and Support dismisses many requests with “Currently such function is not supported.” They make no effort whatsoever. They take your money and run. Beware.

  41. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Good plugin and fast and amazing support!!

  42. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    I searched all over for a booking plugin that did what I needed and finally I found this. The support is great and it’s pretty easily customizable.

  43. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


  44. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Fantastic plugin with great and fast support! A must have! I tried a lot plugins before i started using Bookly. And this is state of the art.

  45. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


  46. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    4 out of 5


  47. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    good support!!!

  48. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    4 out of 5


    Sometime a bite late, but with a huge desire to solve all the problems.

  49. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    one of the greatest supports I got to know

  50. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    3 out of 5


    An excellent booking plugin which, for booking features beats all of the other appointment booking plugins hands down. The reason for 3 stars, not 5, is because for some reason the developers create problems for site owners in the way they choose to code the plugin. For example: a) They change the DOM/HTML structure and IDs/Classes of key parts of the plugin, when there was no need to. Not giving any extra functionality. Just changing the class names and IDs of elements. This totally messes up CSS that took time to write and needs to be rewritten. Thats if you even notice that the appearance has messed up.
    b) Add ons released at the same time as the core, become obsolete and stop working. For example, add on ‘Service Extras 1.13’ was released with Bookly 13.0. Currently, the Extras add on is deactivated as it requires Bookly 13.1. So – I am losing sales (of extras) because they don’t make it backwards compatible even for minor updates (13.X versions). To make matters worse, СodeHolder still currently holds 13.0 in my downloads directory so Extras is unusable. I am sure they have their reasons for it, but in my opinion they should think about their users a little more. The development workflow appears to have some kinks in it. I am well experienced with other plugins including all of the major ones like Gravity Forms etc and I have never had such problems with any of them. All credit to them though – the functionality of Bookly is great. Just be prepared for some unnecessary frustration.

  51. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


  52. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    I have contacted support and asked them to send me an email address I can use to give them admin rights and been waiting for almost 1 week now.
    Bookings are coming through via email but not showing in the system and vice versa.
    We were getting 1-2 bookings per day and now we are lucky to get that in a week.
    Shoddy terrible customer service!

  53. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    4 out of 5


  54. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    It’s the best booking plugin you can buy!! henry claessen

  55. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Real grate and fast Support!

  56. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


  57. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    First I love this plug in. Second I had misconfigured something and the support was great! It was fast and they were very professional!

  58. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


  59. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Plugin totalmente recomendado por su diseño y opciones de personalización

  60. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    Great plugin

  61. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    3 out of 5


    Just the number of times that I have had to resort to support in the first 6 months, (and I am back again today). And struggles with the Google connection . . . hard to set up to start with and get working, and now it is broken for some reason ??

  62. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    5 out of 5


    The best booking plugin for WordPress.

  63. Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin
    1 out of 5


    Is not what they advertise, I set up my hours and the plug put them incomplete

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