v1.4.6 Updated Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS

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Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS

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Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS – It’s a simple and convenient way to setup, monitor and manage your store. Dvee is built to help you to start selling your products with very little effort and simple modules and packages like inventory management, order management, online payments.


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Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS

Update History

version : 1.4.6

- Theme added in email template(three HTML template).
- Payment gateway : VoguePay.
- Latest bootstrap update(v3.3.7).
- Latest font awesome update(v4.7.0).
- Currency format option added in admin panel.
- Customer & vendor registration alert system updated.
- Contact message notification updated.
- Product missing problem in product list(admin & vendor panel).
- Digital product view(update time).
- Language translation.
- Payment from admin section in vendor panel.

version : 1.4.5 (Bug fixing update)

- Bugs fixed in customer and vendor registration.
- Captcha enable/disable option added in admin panel.
- Facebook login problem solved.
- Bug fixed in general settings update.
- Smtp enable/disable option added.
- Bug fixed in email sending after installation.
- Bugs fixed in Default image change.​

version : 1.4.5

- Bug solved in secured server
- Product price range bug fix
- 3 new color themes.
- 8 new fonts added for total frontend design
- Re-captcha on registration/sign up page both for vendor & customer
- Profit loss chart added in vendor dashboard
- New payment gateway (2checkout)
- Editable email templates 

version : 1.4.4

- Delete products of removed vendors.
- Without brand products edit problem.
- Product description page in firefox.
- Zip code added at delivery address in checkout page.
- Home page banner upload error solved.
- Error in user side invoice's sub total amount.
- Error show in user panel download page.
- Widget(special product) title height fixed.

- SMTP mail system. 
- Package upgrade history in Vendor panel.
- Admin pay to vendor in Admin panel.
- Admin pay to vendor in Vendor panel. 

version : 1.4.3

- Recaptcha issue. 
- Terms & conditions checkbox in registration forms. 
- Staff "delete" option available 
- Staff password edit option accessible. 

- New currency add option. 
- Three more color themes 

version : 1.4.2

-Default currency. 
-Vendor & User registration confusion cleared.
-Widget problem.
-Category wise product box problem in Firefox at homepage.
-Special product’s box problem solved in Firefox at frontend.

NEW FEATURE         
-Three color themes added.

version : 1.4.1

- Password field added in creating New staff in admin panel.
- Solved CSS problems in product view page when no color for a product.
- Country and state fields added in the both customer and vendor registration.
- FIxed problems with Add to cart, Add to wishlist, Compare buttons in FireFox browser
- Invoice logo problem solved.

version : 1.4.0

- Update to latest Codeigniter version : Total system has been updated to latest codeIgniter version 3.1.
- Update to latest bootstrap version : Total cms has been updated to latest bootstrap version 3.0.
- Update to latest font-awesome version : Latest fontawesome has been updated.
- Multiple Currency System : Complete multiple currency system has been integrated with flag icon which make this more faster & smoother than before.   
- Language system Improvement :  Total language system has been improved. Each & Every word of the total cms can be translated by admin.
- Vendor System Improvement : Vendor subscription system and mailing options has been improved. Also improve the portability for arranging the vendor public profile.
- New vendor public profile :  Vendor’s public profile design has been completely re-designed with complete portable options. 
- Improvise vendor system :  Total vendor management and  vendor subscription system has been improved and developed this more user friendly with  elevation of security.
- Separate Digital Product upload :  Digital product’s category, sub-category, discounts and much more options has been supervised separately. 
- Separate Digital description page :  We designed complete separate outlook for the digital products to get rid of confliction with the physical products.
- Separate Physical Product upload :  Physical product’s category, brands, sub-category, stock, discounts and much more options has been supervised separately.
- Separate Physical Product description page :  We designed the complete separate outlook for the physical products to get rid of confliction with the digital products.
- Complete Customer Choice Option :  Admin / vendor can insert the customer choice options (e.g : color, sizes, conditions etc ) by the implementation of single select, multiple select, dropdown select and plain text options.
- Improvised advanced search option :  User can search the products based on product category, sub-category, brands, price range & vendor.
- Multiple portable home page : From this most latest version we designed multiple home page with the complete portable options. Admin can change each & every portion of the home pages can be changed in most user friendly user interface with frequent system.  
- Multiple color theme  :  Just with single click admin can change the complete color theme for the entire frontend outlook by maintaining the latest trend.
- Product & Vendor Rating : Customer can provide after purchase rating for the products.According to the product rating vendor rating has been generated. 
- Customer Support ticket : Customer can create support ticket from their own profile.Admin will send the replies from admin panel which can be received in same support thread in customer profile.
- Blog pages and search: Pages of blogs has been redesigned and re-arranged with the blogs category and subcategories.Searching system has been updated also.
- Mobile friendly user interface: Total frontend design has been re-designed and completely responsive.For mobile and tablet version it’ now fully usable with all features.

version : 1.3

- Digital product upload both for vendor and admin
- Customer will get the smart option to get the download of the uploaded digital product
- Blog category create/edit/delete
- Blog will be uploaded by admin according to created Blog category
- All blogs are viewed with sleek design by time and date 
- Cart system has been improved which is more faster and user friendly  
- Re-construct the home page
- Admin get more functionality to re-arrange home page
- Vendor can integrate their location 
- Customer can check the vendor location from from locator
- Intelligent caching has been included
- Another option for product named "Today's Deal" has been included
- Product compare has been included
- Improved product search filter
-Previous bugs has been fixed

version : 1.2

- Multi vendor system
- Separate Vendor home page with vendor admin panel
- create / edit / delete /postpone vendorship packages 
- Maximum product limitation for vendors
- Temporal limitation for vendorship
- Smart Discount coupon for products  
- Category/product wise discount coupon  
- Alexa graph report
- Alexa metrics report 
- Search index report
- Social Network Report
- Facebook comment for product
- Disqus comment for product
- Improved product search filter

version : 1.1

- Updated to codeigniter 3.0
- Invoice E-mail to customer.
- Stripe added as a new payment gateway
- 2 more slider template added
- Improve customer registration.
- Improve installation process. 
- 6 more new header/footer color scheme. 
- Improved security system 
High Resolution


Compatible Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE11, IE10, IE9

Files Included

JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL, Layered PNG, LESS

Software Framework


Software Version

MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6

20 reviews for Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS

  1. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


    Very good support and quick reply!
    Highly recommend this script.

  2. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


    Add some project manager for the constructors and limit the b2b clients order stocks cuz we have only limited stocks in our warehouse, like. 1 customer can order only 10 pcs of candies cuz the vendor has only 100 stocks in their warehouse :D/ hopefully you can add that thing..

  3. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


    standard price that people can make online multi store

  4. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


  5. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


    Good Customer support!

  6. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


  7. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


    Well, I am very satisfied with this script, actually this script’s value is more than USD2500 (another similiar script outside codecanyon) and I almost buy it. But I found Active Super Shop and really really save our money so much. This script is easy to customize, we tried change a lot of theme, but never change of a system. Thank you so much, looking forward to hear new update. Suggestion features:
    1. Badge “verified” for vendor
    2. Vendor Best Seller (Top vendor sales annually) in one special extra page
    3. Unlimited sub-categories level. sub-sub-sub-category with no limits.
    4. Android apps and iOs apps as well I believe if this updates become real, it would help us so much on sales. Thank you so much for your help and anything
    Best regards,

  8. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


    The best!

  9. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


    easy to use eCommerce CMS.

  10. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


    code very complicated

  11. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    4 out of 5


    excellent Design and features, But need to optimize for better / fast performance ..

  12. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


    It is a practical, fast and flexible software that I like most in my area. I really would like to congratulate you.

  13. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    1 out of 5


    they are only here for support money , first they will give you update , and error will come , after that they will tell you , renew your support – nice trick by author

  14. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


  15. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


    Very good support and quick reply!
    Highly recommend this script.

  16. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    1 out of 5


    I waited for 27 days before this rating, Till the date no response, They asked me to send the email, I Sent them 27 days ago, Every time I ask when will you revert, I get this in the comment “Hello, we’ll get back to your email 🙂 Thanks!” But no email is received !!

  17. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    1 out of 5


    1. it dosnt have ajax search 2. when I click search button it always says An Error Was Encountered The action you have requested is not allowed. osumkart.com

  18. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


    I loved to see them for continuous efforts on script , good luck for them .

  19. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    4 out of 5


    Good work

  20. Active Super Shop Multi-vendor CMS
    5 out of 5


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