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gikApp – React Native Mobile App For WordPress

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49$ Free Trial Version Coming Soon

WordPress Mobile APP – Multi-purpose mobile APP for WordPress. Free trial before you buy. Create your stuning WordPress mobile app in 3 minutes. Spas Owners Outsourcing Agencies Solo Developers Mobile Developers Mobile Freelancers Shopify Owners.


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Version: v1.3
Created: 24 February 2017
Last Update: 2 November 2018
Author: egany_com
SKU: 19465924

gikApp – React Native Mobile App For WordPress

gikApp is the one of the most versatile React Native app templates for your WordPress site. gikApp can convert all your WordPress blog content into a mobile app for iOS and Android within 3 minutes. Our React Native template app has 3 beautiful themes in one package: Blog, Construction & Spa.gikApp is full support for WordPress with a handful of useful features like List layout, Feature post, Article, OneSignal push notification, Google Admob.Thanks to the powerful combination of React Native framework, WordPress REST API and Egany’s expertise in mobile app development, you can save 500+ hours of designing and coding when converting your website into an app.gikApp can help:

  1. WordPress bloggers (must know how to run React Native app): convert your WordPress site into a mobile app.
  2. Mobile App/WordPress developers: save a lot of time when creating a mobile app with WordPress for your customers.
  3. Outsourcing Agencies: save money when investing in WordPress content mobile apps development.

Why Buy gikApp

  • Convert WordPress into a native mobile app
  • 3 themes in 1 package
  • Create your cross-platform mobile app in 3 minutes
  • One codebase. iOS & Android native apps
  • Full REST API support
  • Fast & reliable
  • Save a lot of time
  • Look great on iPhone X
  • No coding needed

What’s new in gikApp v3.5:

  • New User Profile Screen, WP login feature
  • Latest Posts widget
  • Post new comment feature
  • Save For Read Later feature
  • Full support RTL languages


1. 3 themes in 1 package: blog, construction, spa

gikApp offers 3 attractive themes with multiple widgets and layouts for your endeavors: be it a blog content app for your readers, an app for a construction company, or even a native mobile app for a beauty spa. Moreover, we will release more themes for gikApp soon.

2. Gorgeous home screen with versatile widgets

  • Banner Slider:
    • Swiper Slider (1 layout),
    • Banner Carousel (5 layout) ]
  • List item widget (Spa layout)
  • Article List Widget
  • Testimonials Widget
  • Image List Wiget

3. 10 category layouts for any content idea

A handful of layouts for every content idea you can imagine.

  • 02 Card layouts
  • Two-column layout
  • Three-column layout
  • Feature post layout
  • 03 Portfolio layouts
  • 02 List layouts

4. Easy to navigate with Off-canvas Menu

The side menu is fully supported with the WordPress API. You can use the default menu from your website or create a custom menu with both external and internal links. A slide-in menu helps to simplify app screen with a clean look.

5. Instant Search at your fingertip

gikApp provides an excellent search experience your user. She can find anything easy and fast with the instant search function.

6. Single post features for a quality reader experience

All the must-have features you need to ensure quality and immersive reading experience.

  • Save for read later
  • Display Featured Image
  • Display Author avatar
  • Social Sharing
  • Comment
  • Related posts

7. Simple User profile screens

App user efficiently manages their profile with email login. Easy to reset password, and keep users logged in.

8. Easy to Monetize your native app with Google Admob

9. Push Notification with OneSignal

Push notification with OneSignal can encourage your users to come back. This is one of the biggest advantages offered by a native app for WordPress content vs mobile web.

10. Use app everywhere with Offline mode

When a user downloads your app, she expects to read the content when and where she wants. gikApp offers the offline mode that ensures your content always available on the go in their pocket. It’s a convenient way to use her free time with your offline content.

11. gikApp supports full RTL languages

Full Right-to-Left languages: gikApp supports Arabic, Hebrew, and other RTL languages.

Support from ❤️

  • Comprehensive Online Documentation
  • Step-by-step Video Tutorials
  • 1 Year Money Back – No question ask

Customers believe in gikApp

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Change logs

version 3.6.1 (02 November 18):
- Update new lib package
- Fixed small bugs

version 3.6.0 (15 October 18):
- Add Dynamic banner Slider widget from Recent posts or BlogID feature
- Refactor code structure 

version 3.5.7 (21 September 18):
- Update User Auth by JWT

version 3.5.6 (07 September 18):
- Add confirm Button before Exit App (Android)

version 3.5.5 (29 August 18):
- Add infinite load all comments in post

version 3.5.4 (21 August 18):
- Fixed native linking error on IOS

version 3.5.3 (31 July 18):
- Rewrite functions in wordpress.service.js
- Fixed small bugs

version 3.5.2 (23 July 18):
- Add User Profile screen
- Fixed small bugs

version 3.5.1 (17 July 18):
- Add "wordpress_latest_post" Widget to get Latest Posts
- Add setting allow (true/false) post comment in post detail
- Fixed open post links issue
- Fixed post comment after register issue

version 3.5.0 (29 15 18):
- Add WordPress Login feature
- Add Post new comment feature
- Add Fab menu in article detail to to take action quickly
- Optimize RTL mode
- Fixed issue "Android App rejection from Google Play (Youtube play in background)" 

version 3.4.0 (29 June 18):
- MultiLanguage (i18n) + RTL support (tested with Arabic language)
- Add Related Post feature in Single Post screen
- Fixed Search issue 

version 3.3.1 (27 June 18):
- Add Options [Open Custom Link in App] or [Open in Browser]
- Fixed issue rendering HTML in Post Detail

version 3.3 (25 June 18):
- Flexible Custom Post Type
- Settings show / hide Post Info (Category, Feature Image, Author, Date Modifed)
- New Article Detail UI
- Add Custom Link Menu Type
- Portrait Layout Mode
- Fixed Offline Mode
- Fixed small issues

version 3.2.3 (14 June 18):
- Hot fix: the issue "use of undeclared identifier RCTI18nUtil" 

version 3.2.2 (11 June 18):
- Fixed RTL issue
- Fixed Side Menu issue (can't run app)
- Fixed small UI issues

version 3.2.1 (25 May 18):
- Fixed Custom Post Type Detail
- Fixed navigation issue
- Fixed small UI issues

version 3.2 (19 May 18):
- Add Custom Post Types
- Fixed "Back" button issue on Android
- Fixed small UI issues

version 3.1 (05 May 18):
- Remove all Shopify features in order to focus to improve WordPress integration features better 
→ please choose TechStore - React Native eCommerce Mobile App for Shopify  instead of this.
- Redesign Blog theme as default theme.
- Add new Spa service theme
- Add new Construction company theme.

version 3.0.1 (01 September 17):
- Small bug fix (Article List Scroll Horizontal not working in HomeScreen)

version 3.0 (21 Aug 17):
1. Multi layout post
2. Apply multi themes
3. Restructure source code

version 2.4 (12 July 17):
1. Add RTL feature
2. Support Multi-language

version 2.3 (10 July 17):
1. Add Admob

version 2.2 (26 June 17):
1. Update Liquid Template Package

version 2.1 (20 June 17):
1. Update OneSignal Push Notifications For Posts In WordPress 
2. Fixed "Unable to execute JS call: __fbBatchedBridge is undefined" error    
3. Update documents to support push notification.

version 2.0 (30 May 17):
1. Upgrade Latest React Native to 0.44.2 & related library 
2. Add new Theme with Shopify Full Integration Feature
3. Fixed the Bookmark page not working

version 1.3 (11 May 17):
1. Multi-platform Push Notifications Using OneSignal
2. Offline Mode
3. Small bug fix & code refactor
- react-native-navigation module in package.json

version 1.2 (05 April 17):
1. Fixed issue on Header
2. Fixed issue on TabBar
3. Small bug fix & code refactor

version 1.1 (01 March 17):
1. Add new Bookmark (Save for later)
2. Add new Category List Layout
3. Update Feature Post Layout
4. Small bug fix & code refactor

version 1.0 (24 February 17):
- Initial release
Files Included

JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, CSS, .xml, .java, .apk, .dex, .db, .so

Software Version

Android 5.0, Android 5.1.x, Android 6.0, iOS 7.0.x, iOS 7.1.x, iOS 8.0.x, iOS 8.1.x, iOS 8.2.x, iOS 8.3.x, iOS 8.4.x, iOS 9.0.x, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.7.x

14 reviews for gikApp – React Native Mobile App For WordPress

  1. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


    This App does exactly what it says. It is easy to set up and performs well.

  2. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


    An excellent support ready to help at any time. Thanks

  3. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


    Great support, clean code, cute supporter. Now I have a great app blog with my WordPress backend, very easy to use.

  4. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


    Thank you for your excellent support. Your ability to understand and resolve our technical glitches were commendable.
    I’d like to compliment you on your fast and efficient support. Thank you for your friendly and professional assistance. We strongly recommended to use this App

  5. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


  6. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


    I took me more than “3 minutes” to get this running. But this seems to be the BEST app-from-wp-site package I have used (and I have used several for now). I am very pleased to have purchased this package.
    The customer support is outstanding!

  7. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


    App runs smoother than the app I built myself before. It’s probably because you chose React Native Navigation (Wix) instead of React Navigation!?
    gikApp version 3.2 source code structure is very easy to understand and customizable. I can convert my client WordPress site to mobile app in just 10 minutes. Hopefully TechStore’s source code will soon be refactor like gikApp so I can develop more themes for my clients. p.s:
    As i said, you’d better add offline full mode features to gikApp next update (not only Post detail).

  8. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


  9. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


  10. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


    It works

  11. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5



  12. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


    The app works both Android and iOS, right? Thanks in advance and congrats on your job!

  13. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


    React is a trending technology. So I decided to use GikApp to build a mobile for my spa business. Work like a charm. Very smooth, no lag. I don’t know whether React is good or this app is solid. But I think GikApp plays an important role in this case. Thank for your team. P/S: I’m a business owner, who loves coding

  14. gikApp - React Native Mobile App For Wordpress
    5 out of 5


    Thank you for your good Documentation practice! As developers & a newbie in React Native, i think that it is documentation for developers with simple step-by-step articles & videos.
    Anyway, You had better update some features:
    – Cateogry screen (post lis) with featured post.
    – Save for later (bookmark), i like heart icon for this function 🙂
    – more home screen (UI themes) for many subject such as: corporate, construction, restaurant… Hope you update soon!

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