51 of the best new royalty-free music tracks, January 2017

With almost 500,000 tracks on our music library, sorting through to find the best track to match your work can be a time-consuming process. Luckily, we’ve enlisted the curation expertise of our review team! Over the course of the last month, our Content Team has highlighted some of the awesome items that were submitted and accepted to the Market.

51 of the best new royalty-free music tracks, January 2017

51 of the best new royalty-free music tracks, January 2017

Here are 50 amazing and great tracks that made it to our ears in January! All commentary and descriptions below were written by the review team.

51 of the best new royalty-free music tracks, January 2017

1. Uplifting and inspirational corporate by LumenMedia

An elegant, uplifting corporate piece with ambient and light piano. Very refreshing!

2. That inspiration by Twisterium

A beautiful and majestic corporate pop track with a minimalistic modern sound.

3. Inspiring trailer by TheStoryShop

A beautiful and epic fanfare with soaring drama, action, and adventure, taking any project to new heights.

4. Inspiring commercial piano and strings by Yuar

A bright, inspiring and optimistic track with a light and uplifting gratitude attitude.

5. Uplifting and energetic corporate by MeGustaMusic

A light, yet profoundly inspiring background track, with meditative melodies and motivational moods.

6. This happy by PeacockMusic

A happy and upbeat track, full of ukulele, guitars, strings, claps, whistling, bells and drums. Basically, everything!

7. Technology corporate background by JohnRosso

An upbeat corporate motivational track for, with an original gentle vibe for tech-centric works.

8. Fun upbeat by RedLionProduction

A groovy acoustic drum line, muted guitar and whistle lead that really adds life to any picture!

9. Beautiful Wonderful Life by BlueSkyAudio

An uplifting song, a celebration of love and life, featuring beautiful lead vocals and universal lyrics.

10. Motivational build-up by CommercialMusic

An uplifting, building motivational score – evolving piano into a big, bold, powerful rock theme.

11. Fun happy jazz by Jonnymakesjazz

Upbeat and catchy, swingy jazz manouche, with addictive percussion!

12. Dance by TopFlow

A positive summer pop dance track, with electric guitar and catchy piano chords!

13. Corporate Upbeat Inspire by FortyTwoStudio

An emotional corporate pop track with melodic guitars, bright piano, and playful strings.

14. Fast Bright Inspiring Piano by OlexandrIgnatov

An inspiring voyage of corporate piano to encourage and motivate, with great visual support.

15. Waves of Fun by PetrenjMusic

Upbeat and energetic, uplifting and melodic, a great corporate rock piece for optimistic projects.

16. Upbeat corporate pop by Petrenj

An enthusiastic and catchy corporate rock tune, that’s just right for driving results and new ideas.

17. Inspiring Corporate by Technicolormusic

A sentimental, yet music piece with beautiful piano melody and feelings of family values.

18. Uplifting and inspirational corporate by DmytroIgnatov

An uplifting motivational corporate background track with an awesome positive vibe and inspirational mood.

51 of the best new royalty-free music tracks, January 2017

19. Ultimate Epic Intro by PabLikMM01

A heavier action hybrid track, with crunchy distortion patterns, surrounded by lush orchestral strings and low drops.

20. Solemn Epic by DmitriySimf

A motivational piece of corporate orchestral mood, that can make any new development stand out seriously.

21. Adventures by Allegro120

An orchestral blockbuster, epic production filled with adventure, passion, heroism to start the day!

22. 22nd century warfare by GarethCoker

An epic journey into science fiction with pounding, pulsing synths and an epic full-on orchestra!

23. An epic by BeardStockMusic

A medium paced, epic and inspiring anthemic score.

24. Epic action by Music-Ideas

A strong-willed and determined composition, moving forward in epic action cinematic style.

25. Epicness by KingLeo

A powerful, majestic and regal track, perfect for highlighting dramatic moments and documentaries.

26. Inspirational heroic trailer by BenjiJackson

An inspiring heroic track with a blend of modern ambient guitar sounds, orchestral strings, and piano.

27. Cinematic Ominous 80s by LucaFrancini

Mysterious and cinematic, pulsing along with an ‘80s retro feel.

28. Ambient inspiring cinematic by Gilv

A distinctly deep cinematic ambience for slow-mo videos, nature or science themes, or any emotional video project.

51 of the best new royalty-free music tracks, January 2017

29. The Future by LoopsLab

A modern and futuristic track, advancing at the pace of constant technological change.

30. Ambient minimal background by D-Music

Soft, bright, light and relaxing. An interesting and original approach to the tech corporate music genre.

31. Timelapse by Cyrilll_Luzin

An ambient-tech, forward looking background track, with a hopeful and driving sense of success.

32. Piano Trio Jazz Lounge Background by Stockwaves

A very nice and cozy jazz piano trio blues, with a warm acoustic feel.

33. Aurora by ErikBode

A lush bed of ambient guitars and piano, perfect for travel and inspiring journeys.

34. Inspiring motivational by PianoRock

A energizing and uplifting background track, perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood.

35. Freedom by TimMcMorris

A gentle, emotional, inspiring indie & folk acoustic song, featuring intimately recorded vocals and acoustic guitar.

36. Thinking about you by Antracto

A positive electronic piece with bright synths, mellow melody, massive bass and yet a dreamy atmosphere.

37. City in desert by Sanibelli

A cool eastern hybrid vibe, ambient and chill.

38. Future Bass by CleanMindSounds

An atmospheric background, experimental electronic vibe for unique or futuristic video works.

51 of the best new royalty-free music tracks, January 2017

39. Rock hard by StudioMonkey

An upbeat, energetic rock track with hard rockin’ guitars, pounding drums and some great gritty attitude.

40. Extreme driving rock by Leto

An energetic, powerful and aggressive rock background, great for extreme sports or any loud and powerful message!

41. Upbeat rock by AlexGrohl

A positive and optimistic indie rock track, with an energetic and upbeat vibe.

42. Indie rock by DocWaxler

A punchy, modern powerful piece; intensively energetic indie rock for sports and action videos.

43. Energetic rocking beats by Guitarsstate

Energetic track with punk rock guitars, vintage blues vocals and funky beats.

44. Adrenaline by Soundroll

A distinctly catchy and heavy overdrive guitar riff on a driving big beat with edgy synths. Sound great!

45. House party by DimaDjDocent

An uplifting track for sport events, media projects, with a happy bouncy jumpy pop-dance style.

51 of the best new royalty-free music tracks, January 2017

46. The hip hop by Boomopera

Super chilled hip-hop with melodic vocal samples. It’s positive and emotional, happy and deep.

47. Starting over by Jhunger

A real feel good folk mood here, looking ahead to new horizons with hope and excitement.

48. Aurora by Indifferent_Guy

A summery, pop, tropical-house dance track with great production chops to amp up your visuals.

49. Our wedding by TimCat

A delicate and very melodious track, ideal for your romantic love, valentine video projects.

50. Madison Avenue by Hyperprod

A true tribute to ’50s ad music, this jolly tune fits any works needing funny, comical music or a vintage retro sound.

51. Summer tropical fashion party by Infraction

A modern, fresh, energetic and motivational tropical pop track to get things going in the right direction.

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