8 SEO Plugins to Your Website

People usually need very little convincing about the benefits of SEO. Everyone wants to be easily found on search engines; it’s cost effective and builds trust in the company.

How to manage SEO is where most people start scratching their heads. When you scratch the surface, SEO turns out to be complex and time-consuming, which is why full-time SEO professionals have a job.

However, in terms of the basics, small changes can result in big improvements, which is where these SEO plugins come in.

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See why they’re on the list:

1. Tap-Tap: A Super Customisable WordPress Mobile Menu, by BonfireThemes

Tap-Tap: A Super Customisable WordPress Mobile Menu

Often overlooked, the recent Google update means mobile usability is more important than ever. Tap-Tap focuses on providing WordPress sites with superior navigation on touch devices.

“There are nearly 200 options in the plugin, but a few cool features include being able to show it on specified screen sizes/resolutions only, and having the option to hide a theme’s menu when the plugin menu is shown. You can also use theme fonts on the menu and even get down to the tiniest details like setting custom animation speeds.” says creator Bonfire Themes of his recently updated plugin.

2. Interlinks Manager, by DAEXT

Interlinks Manager

One of the first tips provided to you on WordPress SEO strategy will usually include advice about interlinks. But what posts should you link, and how?

The Interlinks Manager plugin provides you with a few handy tools that help you develop a structure, including calculating “link juice” – a colloquial reference to the power or equity passed to a site via links from external or internal sources.

3. SEO Cleaner, by teamdev-ltd

SEO Cleaner

Doesn’t a good clean out sound great? This SEO Cleaner plugin helps clean out everything from the basics, like unused meta tags, to more advanced code such as HTTP responses and WordPress JSON API. A declutter not only sounds great, it can potentially increase your SEO score, as redundant sections are penalised by search engines.

4. Cooked, by BoxyStudio


Cooked is an amazing recipe app, including amazing extras such as a timer for each step of the way. What sets it apart is its inclusion Rich Snippets, a way of making your recipes stand out to search engines. Those recipes you search for with the images included in your search results? That’s the snippets at work.

5. Rankie, by ValvePress


One of our best-selling SEO plugins, Rankie is for the serious SEO enthusiast.

Rankie can track keywords ranking on Google and keep updating these ranks daily as it works as a WordPress SERP plugin. It then generates reports, and can also act as a keyword research tool. Its unique offering is that the services it provides are normally offered as a monthly subscription, instead of a single tool.

6. GeoIP – Redirect by Country, by crivion

GeoIP – Redirect by Country

GeoIP is perfect for your plans of world domination, or if you have an online business with a customer base in more than one country.

The plugin automatically detects the country of your visitors and can redirect to specific pages across your site, providing a seamless experience for your visitors. This works particularly well on multiple language sites, and can help you rank for better navigation and use of language and location.

7. hreflang Manager, by DAEXT

hreflang Manager

The perfect complement to GeoIP, hreflang Manager helps search engines understand that certain pages are targeted for a specified language or country. By implementing this attribute you can send your users to the targeted pages and greatly increase the SEO performance of your website.

8. WordPress Auto Spinner – Articles Rewriter, by ValvePress

WordPress Auto Spinner

Content is king, and in a crowded market, sometimes synonyms can provide a way to rank your item for terms. If you’ve run out of ideas of what else to call “a smart decision” for example, this plugin, WordPress Auto-Spinner, can offer you the option of calling it a “good move” instead.

So where you used to struggle with ranking could potentially open up just with your choice of words and content.

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